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“The days are long, but the years are short.”
― Gretchen Rubin
Time flies.
Recently I celebrated my daughter’s birthday. She’s no longer a baby. Now she can read books, sing pop songs she has no business singing, fight with her brother, and making the daycare boys cry.
I still remember the day she was born. That baby is big now. So many things have happened since then. Being a parent of two kids is a privilege. I get to see firsthand how fast they grow and learn—such a joy. One moment they can’t even crawl, and the next, they are jumping around.
Time flies, and if you aren’t careful, you won’t know where it went.

Science & Technology
Lift off! First flight on Mars launches new way to explore worlds
Business & Finance
Basecamp implodes as employees flee company, including senior staff
How to Burn $55k by Confusing Market Validation with Market Hype
Reddit Talk is a Clubhouse competitor for subreddits
No, We’re Not In A Bubble
Alchemy raises $80M at a $505M valuation to be the ‘AWS for blockchain’
Software & AI
Shedding light on fairness in AI with a new data set
Representing SHA-256 Hashes As Avatars
Synthesia - AI Video generation platform
Culture & Fun
Cha if by land, tea if by sea
Basel offers beggars one-way tickets anywhere in Europe
Lockpicking Lawyer - A Lock Picking Game Changer?
Italian Police Accuse Man of Getting Paid for 15 Years While Skipping Work
The NYPD retires “Digidog” robot after public backlash
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